Saturday, December 5, 2009


It's been a tough year, personally & professionally. I have not been able to get to this site as much as I would have liked. Actually, I've done nothing at all. Zero. Nada. Kinda like INXS without Michael Hutchence...You know, it's still around, but of aboslutely no importance, or purpose.

But I'll be back in 2010, just like (insert name of washed of B-Grade rocker making a pathetic comeback attempt here). At least there will be no shortage of material, as this last year has given me a huge backlog of thoughts and ramblings to spew forth on the world.

In the meantim, browse around some old articles, or news feeds, or play one of the cheesey games at the bottom.

Songs Of 2009

A Thousand Kisses Deep - Leonard Cohen (played A Day On The Green at Rochford. Amazing)

Sex Is On Fire - Kings Of Leon

Overcome - Live (Black Saturday Bushfires rage across Victoria)

Will I See You In Heaven? - The Jayhawks

Giving It All Away - Leo Sayer (For Terry, who lost his battle. RIP.)

Leaps & Bounds - Paul Kelly (Sound Relief - The MCG)

Holy Grail - Hunters & Collectors

Redemption Song - Joe Strummer/Johnny Cash

When A Blind Man Cries - Deep Purple

Chain Lightning - Don McLean

Eskimo - Damien Rice

Beat It - Michael Jackson

September Gurls - Big Star

You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party - Beastie Boys (All those 21sts!!)

Take The Money & Run - Steve Miller (Redundant...again!)

Remember The Days Of The Old School Yard - Cat Stevens

My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama - Frank Zappa (10 Years Long Service)

Glory Glory - The Blackeyed Susans (Reveal Yourself CD Box set launch at NSC)

Dear Employer (The Reason I Quit) - The Minus 5

This Will Be Our Year - The Zombies

See you in 2010!

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